I love...

You all know I love the military trend and I really do! I'm so obsessed with it, especially the jackets:
Your Eyes Lie Braided Military Denim Jacket, $138.83

Just beautiful!

Another trend I especially like is women's menswear! Could you say I am a bit masculine? Hell yes!

Not to mention that fall is coming right around the corner and so is the cooler weather!
I need to stock up on lots of jackets and cardigans and what have you.
To conclude, I saw this picture and loved it so here you go:

How are you going to stock up on your wardrobe this fall/winter?
Leave a comment below or put links of items you lust for!

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I want this bag... ALOT!

I've always been a big fan of Mulberry and their ads were eye catching and always my favorite.
The Alexa Bag (as spoken about in last post) is my favorite bag from them. It's versatile and very chic. I'm in love!
Comes in many colors as well!
As you can see, I'm very into Mulberry right now. It really has my attention but I am still faithful to my dear Burberry <3

In my next post, I'll be showing you my fall shopping list. Tell me what's on yours!
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Mulberry for Target

Today I got my Teen Vogue Magazine today and the first ad that caught my eye was the Mulberry for Target ad! Finally! One of the most renown handbag companies (not to mention clothing!) has collaborated with Target. One of the reasons why I love Mulberry is because of their handbags, to be specific, the very well known Alexa bag.It was based off of the British fashion icon and a woman I deeply admire and am constantly inspired by, Alexa Chung!

Here are some of the bags that will be available in Target stores in October:
Mulberry for Target Quilted Denim Large Satchel, $49.99
Mulberry for Target Black Patent Satchel, $34.99
Mulberry for Target Quilted Denim Cross Body Mini, $14.99
Mulberry for Target Patent Cross Body Bag, $29.99
What do you think about the bags? Are they on your shopping list? They are on mine! Have a nice rest of the week!

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Possible Sparrow Obsession? I think so!

I keep seeing a pattern here and I think you see it as well...I'm in love with the sparrow print (refer to last post)

Sparrow Blazer

This blazer is beautiful, I've never seen one like it! 
My only difficulty was finding the perfect shoes. I wanted something simple and it wouldn't distract from the blazer. Do any of you know a better shoe?
Comment below!

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