What I got...

Today I went to Target to find a dress I could wear to my friend's wedding, but I found more than just that! I found a dress that could function for much more than just that, at $44.99!
I must say though that photos do this dress no justice! It's very simple and elegant, stunning in person!

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Nasty Gal!

Love these too! Found this new store online called Nasty Gal! Adorable pieces, check them out!

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Chanel Tweed Jacket

Love Love Love this!! Must have for my wardrobe? YES
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Jeffrey Campbells

I adore these! <3
I would love to add these to my collection
Jeffrey Campbell Warsaw in Black, $189.95
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Velvet Blazers and New Opportunities

Great start for a new year! I feel so many new opportunities coming up for me as well(I'm talking about in my International Business and Marketing Academy)!
Anyways, I really fell in love with this blazer (you already know I'm in love with blazers aha)
What is great about velvet blazers is the fact that they are so soft and comfy! That is what I live for: comfort and style.
Also it's only $29! :D WIN!

Photos from Forever 21
I don't know if you can tell, but the color is navy! I love the color navy! Especially when I'm painting my nails, which mine are midnight blue (fancy word for navy) right now.
This coming week is midterm week so I've been trying to study as much as a can in order to do well(I don't do well under so much stress)! Have a great rest of the weekend and have a great week!

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Outdated Fashion Terms and Boots

Picture from article
Thought that it would be cool to share this article I found:

Also I found these platform boots that I fell in love with!
They are sexy and I could easily see myself wearing these babies! Even though I am quite tall (5'9), that will never stop me from wearing these.

Urban Outfitters Sam Edelman Clog Platform Boot,$99.99

I can't believe it's already January! It seems like it was just January of 2010 and we were counting down the clock to New Years. This year I decided to write down and stick to my new years resolutions. Some of them are: eating healthier food, working out three times a week, and trying to read everyday!
What are some new years resolutions you are trying to stick with?

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