Black Milk Leggings

Hey guys! It's been awhile but I've been so busy with school that I have no time to post! 
I wanted to show you guys this store I found called Black Milk Leggings. These aren't any ordinary leggings, oh no! But they are unique and make a great statement for those who have the guts to wear them! From union jack print to giraffe, these leggings are incredibly chic and I recommend them.
They range from $40-$120.

They range from $40-$120.


Store Spotlight: Queen's Wardrobe

I just recently found out about this store within this month and immediately fell IN LOVE! It's almost like this store read my mind and brought my dreams to life (not everything but some things I've been looking for and never found anywhere else!)
Here are some of my favorites from the site:

As you can see, I picked mostly soft, feminine pieces and only two edgier items. I don't know why, but I feel I should be more girly now!

I recommend the store, you should check it out at: http://www.queenswardrobe.com/main.php

XOXO Tootles!


New Items for Fall

I need new boots, the ones I have from last winter aren't cutting it! I saw these at Free People, I love them. The only problem is what to wear with them since they have many colors...

Also I'm in need of a beautiful trench coat:

All photos from Free People

Although it's probably not as necessary to have a trench because it's not too cold in Florida, I still need one as a staple piece!
It seems like I'm always ill-prepared when it comes to fall/winter!
What do you guys need this winter?

XOXO Tootles!