Chanel Fall 2010

This Fall, Chanel had some very interesting pieces during fashion week. Here are my favorites!
I saw that Chanel focused on sort of a body fur costume; it looks so warm and cozy! The runway was also amazing as well. It looked like the models were walking on ice or water in the Arctic. I liked the dresses the most and the cream sweaters the most but wasn't a big fan of the fur body costumes.

What were your favorites? What did you guys love about the collection and not love about it? What are your thoughts.

XOXO Tootles!


  1. My favourite was probably the 6th one down (it's white and has lace sleeves/partial upper body (i forget what the "official" name for it is xD)) (: I like the colours used (black, white, and brown).

  2. Haha yes, I agree! That one is super pretty! My favorite would have to be the third photo. It was so beautiful and very classy!