Happy Fourth!

Yesterday was the day that our country celebrates being a nation. I'm so grateful to live in the "land of opportunities" and live the life that I do. 
To celebrate, my family and I went to my grandparent's home and had both lunch and dinner with my grandfather's son's family and my cousins. It was delicious and to top it all off, we got to watch the fireworks. It was breathtaking!

Today, I spent the day at the Town Center with my mom. I was able to snag some items at Urban Outfitters while they were still having the big sale!

I got this Sparkle and Fade Embellished Open Cardigan

As well as this BDG Oxford Circle Skirt in Blue
I chose these items because they were very versatile and are major staples in my closet!
I say that this was a very productive day! For the win!!

XOXO Tootles

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