Long Time, No Post

Sorry I've been so behind on posting! Summer has been keeping me busy and with the recent events, I've been on my blog for a while.
Yesterday I joined my best friend, Sara,at the mall after not seeing her in ages (really only 10 days)!
We went to get me new earrings from Spencer's because I lost mine at the beach (sad face).
Next we went into Charlotte Russe and I got a shirt, hopefully to wear on the first day of school (it's starts in a month and a day!)I will post a picture in a later post.

I also purchased a necklace from Pacsun. I don't usually purchase jewelry from there but this was cute and I had to have it! Also, I never wear accessories, mainly because I never find anything I really like that isn't cheap looking or super expensive.

I haven't been able to shop much, I also just can't find what I really want. I really have my eyes on this blazer from Asos.com. It's what I have wanted for the longest time!
Unfortunately, it's sold out so I'll be on the look out for it somewhere else or find something similar. 
Question time! What is your back to school look? What are you planning to wear? Are you a person who cares about what you wear so you plan in advance or are you a last minute kind of person?
Comment Below.

XOXO Tootles!

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