Oh Those Summer Nights!

 Nothing is nicer then spending a day at the beach with close friends and ending the day with Breyer's ice cream! I love summer because all the stress of school is gone for a good three months. Unfortunately, in less than a month, school will be back in session and summer will be gone once again. *sad face*
In recent news, I found out that our mall is getting a TWO-STORY (yes I am serious) Forever 21 store!! I'm super excited because Forever 21 is cheap and has amazing clothes. I hope for it to open before Fall/Winter.

The latest on my agenda is to sew a high-waisted skirt or try and create a beautiful dress for winter. I also need to take a trip to Orlando to go back to school shopping (my favorite thing to do before school!!). Since Ponte Vedra isn't cool enough, we don't have H&M,Zara, or thrift stores. Sad right? 

I need a few things before I go to school:
-Black and White Striped blazer
 (I happen to love this one)
-Pair of trousers(perferably these Pants )

-Boyfriend Jeans

-Oxford Shoes
-A Few V-Necks
-Over the Knee Socks
This seems like a lot but, I need my clothing :D
I need to leave now and enjoy the rest of my day, Happy Sunday everyone!

XOXO Tootles!

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